Max Muscle Sports Nutrition


MMSN is a retail franchise offering client-custom consulative and integrated sports nutrition plans, body analysis, meal plans, and world-class “best in class” premium sports nutrition products through affordable and strategically located stores that are in close proximity to their local fitness community of gyms, fitness centers, chiropractors, colleges and high schools, police and fire departments, fitness minded consumers, etc.

Franchisees use exclusive diagnistic hardware (used by NFL, NBA, and the Mayp Clinics) and custom software to assess the individual client’s state of fitness, prior to making specific meal, exercise, and nutritional recomendations.

The custom nutrition plans and audits, not offered by any market competitor franchises or businesses, are delivered to clients by sports-nutrition certified franchise owners, managers, and team members. MMSN also offers numerous top quality and industry leading nutritional products to its retail clients.

The MMSN franchises is open “short retail” hours, generally 10am to 6pm, and our owners have the option to NOT be open on Sundays and holidays. MMSN was founded in 1991, and has been offering franchises since 2004. There are currently 140 MaxMuscle Sports Nutrition franchised stores.

Franchisees sell premium, FDA / DEA compliant or approved permium sports nutrition products, along with offering clients graduated help and assistance levels through platinum, gold, silver, and bronze nutrition plans.

Successful MMSN franchisees will have a solid understanding that health, wellness, fitness, and safe nutrition all go hand in hand.

Investment Amount- $75,000