Pro Martial Arts

  • Semi-Absentee – keep a job and/or open multiple units / Manager a manager model
  • Children oriented business (helps children)
  • ARMOR Program – Anti-Bullying & Predator Prevention
  • Membership model – draft customers’ checking account on the 1st of every month
  • Very Proven Industry / Not a Fad
  • Competition is unorganized and weak (similar to the Haircare Industry 25 years ago)
  • Unique in the industry: Business has something that makes it much different/better than all competitors (ARMOR Program)
  • Turn-key development for Franchisee – Corporate helps find sites, negotiates leases, helps hire employees, trains employees, etc.
  • Low labor model – only has 1 full time employee and 3 part time employees that are easy to find and hire
  • Costs approximately $175,000 including working capital
  • Net income well over $100,000 for semi-absentee owner per unit (Item 19 FDD) when mature
  • Solid Validation

Competitive advantage of the product / service

  • Semi-Absentee franchise (can keep their job)
  • Armor Program: Bullying and Predator Prevention classes to protect children (makes PMA unique in the industry)
  • Small staffing model (4 employees)
  • Turn-key real estate program (Site search & Development)
  • Complete Turn-key marketing program and hands-on support
  • Personal growth and character development

Investment Amount- $175,000