Super Slow Zone


SuperSlow Zone® “SSZ” is a distinctive health and wellness service business based on a unique exercise protocol and system, and is positioned as a professional service (similar to a medical or law practice, CPA or financial planner) focused on high quality service for all adults.

SuperSlow Zone “sweet spot” is 55+ year olds. According to the US Census Bureau, 21% of the American population is 55+ years old, and by 2019, when the last baby boomers turn 55, the percentage will have grown to 29%. That’s 90 million Americans that are concerned about their health and “quality of life” as they continue to age.

SuperSlow Zone’s clients typically don’t want to go to a traditional gym. They want an exercise program that is designed around their personal fitness and health goals, in a clutter-free, relaxing, professional setting. And, our clients achieve extraordinary results with our 20 minute program while exercising in the “clothes they have on” due to our clinically-controlled exercise environment.

SSZ is a professional service delivering convenience, value and sustainable results in minimal time – SSZ’s unique selling proposition.

SuperSlow Zone® personal strength training franchise is the fastest route to exceptional fitness and health results in minimal time and is THE franchise that can deliver within the context of effective business systems and practices. SuperSlow Zone’s has been featured articles in Men’s Health (3 times), Vogue (2 times), Time, Newsweek, Business Week, Arthritis Today, body soul, Fox News, NBC, CNN, 48 Hours, Wellness TV and Playboy, etc.

SSZ’s 20 minute exercise program was developed from medical research and backed by science, from a 1982 $3.2 million Osteoporosis study at the University of Florida Medical School.

Founder and CEO, Madeline Ross, ensured SuperSlow Zone’s exercise program was fully developed, systemized and accredited by the prestigious International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). SuperSlow Zone is the only fitness franchise that requires this level of training and certification for their instructors.

Investment Amount- $75,000