Doc Popcorn


Doc Popcorn is truly the first of its kind. From our delicious all-natural popcorn flavor profiles to our mode of distribution, we have created a unique and different way to snack. The kernel to our success is that we offer an “infinitely edible” product while creating a system to produce it that is extremely simple, efficient, affordable and scalable. We also have an amazing and happy family of franchise owners who are excited to share their life changing stories as Doc Popcorn Poprietors.

Whether you want to own a single Doc Popcorn location or build an empire, our business models are designed to give you the flexibility and opportunity to grow, fit in small spaces and be where the customers are. Doc Popcorn can be located in malls, stadiums, entertainment arenas, airports and train stations, music fairs, sporting events and just about any other high traffic venue you can think of.

Investment Amount – $70,000