Welcome to FranAmericas

We are excited for the launch of our new website FranAmericas.com and happy that you have taken the time to join us! If you are reading this, it is highly likely you are considering a move to The United States or a career transition towards entrepreneurship – or perhaps you are an experienced business owner looking for a new challenge. Regardless, of your situation, you have come to the right place. We are showcasing our robust and diverse portfolio of over 300+ franchises and businesses for you to consider. These are world class emerging franchise brands! We encourage you to review the various sections and contact us to start the process and find the right business that meets your objectives.
Our goal at franamericas.com is to provide our investors and entrepreneurs the very best information available on franchising business opportunities throughout the Americas and Caribbean. As you will see the content is being delivered in three languages; English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. We understand the importance of delivering content to all of our stakeholders in their native language.
For those investors from Latin America considering relocation to Miami or anywhere within The United States we are here to help. We will bring you value added information that covers every facet of your transition to The United States. Whether you are seeking an EB-5, E2 or L1 visa we can help. We have established partnerships with world class; attorneys, accountants, real estate agents, bankers and franchisors to guide you and your families during your transition. Many of these professionals live in The United States but come from Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, and throughout South and Central America. Our team realizes how difficult the process can be and we are here to help you establish the right network to ensure your move to The United States is as smooth as possible.
On Franamericas.com you can expect to see frequent updates on all of the new franchisors and businesses we’ve added to our portfolio. These businesses will range from ALL segments of the franchise industry including; retail, quick serve restaurants, financial services, childhood services, etc. As you will see, we have an extremely robust portfolio of world class businesses to meet every entrepreneurs’ goals and aspirations.
Lastly, we will showcase frequent guest bloggers that will join the discussion and share their perspectives on business ownership and entrepreneurship. These guest writers will range from professionals in the legal field to individual franchisors and franchisees who will share their perspectives and guidance for our reader. We will post these links on social media so please be sure to join us for the discussion.


Again, thanks for joining us. We look forward to working with you!